PLC & SCADA – System & Software Engineering

PLC & SCADA Systems – The technology used in industrial plants in industries like manufacturing, water / wastewater management, gas and oils and more, play a vital role in the efficiency and performance of the plant and processes. These complicated processes require the right technology for efficient performance, better decision making and identifying problem areas more effectively.  PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) work hand-in-hand to provide key services and information about processes and the plant.

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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

PLCs control some of the most complex processes within industrial plants. At AGE Technologies, we are driven by our clients’ successes, which is why we aim to deliver a fully integrated PLC and hardware systems that is designed and engineered to meet the clients’ specific needs. We only make use of trusted brands to ensure quality and performance driven solutions that will benefit our clients. We offer a comprehensive solution when it comes to Programmable Logic Controllers, which includes the design and manufacturing of PLC cabinets, PLC RIO panels, design procurement and software development. AGE Technologies provide industrial computer control systems that are designed and developed to be robust and operate multiple machines from one interface with competence. PLC brands we specialise in include:

SCADA Software Solutions

SCADA is a monitoring software used in many industrial plants. This central system is connected to computers, graphical user interfaces / monitors, various sensors and networked data communications in order to provide a clear picture of the plant and industrial processes, converting important data collected by the PLC into valuable information. AGE Technologies designs and develops SCADA systems to automate the real-time system monitoring of complex processes. Our software system solutions include functional description development, software development and FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) commissioning.

Improve Efficiency with and Automation and Control Solution from AGE Technologies

AGE Technologies is a leader in the field of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering.  We understand just how valuable the correct automation and control systems like PLCs and SCADA is in the improvement of process and plant efficiency, energy-saving and consistency in quality and accuracy.

AGE Technologies will design and develop a unique and customised hardware and software system solution for our clients’ PLC and SCADA needs, to ensure they get a system that will benefit their plant and processes. Get in touch with the leading Automation service provider today – Contact AGE Technologies for more information about our PLC’s and SCADA systems and solutions.

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